Thursday, August 14, 2008


If that last entry sounded self-righteous (primarily around the first half), it may be because it was. I'm still sorting things out here and I'm in a pretty vulnerable, impressionistic state. I'm still a naive white. Two months in Africa with some readings on the shortcomings of western missions doesn't change that. As for missionaries: I'm still coming to grips with what has been a tainted history, but in the midst of it all I must never ever criticize those who have given their lives to do the Lord's work. Times change and with it comes new light shed on the missionary project, but can't we look at it as being perfected rather than torn down? Oh Lord, why do my own misgivings continue to manifest themselves as criticism of others? As if tearing down other people will make me feel better about me, soothe my own fears and hide my own faults. Forgive me.


Sally said...

This entry deserves a comment. I love what you think and how you are willing to consider and change. You're fabulous and I love you.

LJ said...

your humility and reflection gives me hope for change in my own heart.

keep loving God and loving others Alex.

His burden is easy...his yoke light.